Be Anywhere - Whenever You Like

Working internationally is a time- and health-consuming exercise. You are forced to waste time and become exposed to high-altitude radiation in airplanes, leave your loved ones behind, and struggle with jetlag and tiredness.


Today's technologies allow you to forego all that - and Tele-buddy enables you to easily use those technologies to accomplish all that you need to do abroad, while leaving the best impression possible on your hosts!

What We Do

In Tele-buddy, we're enabling you to use a robotic avatar, created by Double Robotics, in another country or city. The robots are positioned in key spots around the world, and if you want to give a lecture, appear in a conference or join a festivity, we'll help you do that. We will bring the robot to the right place for you, make sure it is connected to the internet, and provide close supervision and guidance for using the robot. 

Why A Robotic Avatar?

People use robotic avatars for many different purposes. Some companies send their representatives to conferences and shopping malls because it's a great ice-breaker - and also saves flight time and expenses. Others use their robotic avatars to teach in class or give keynote lectures in large conferences from the comfort of their homes. 

The only limits to using the robotic avatars are your imagination. If you have an idea for using the robot in a novel way - we can probably make it work for you.