Does It Work?

Our mode of operation makes sure that nothing can go wrong with your virtual business trip. You control the robot from one side of the world with our guidance and assistance, while the robot is being escorted by a professional technician in the other side of the world. 


We make sure that your robotic avatar will be at the right place, at the right time.

We make all the pre-arrangements and bring the communications infrastructure to make sure nothing goes wrong.

We provide you guidance and assistance to bring the best of you into the robot.


You just log into your other body. We take care of the rest.

Ronny Daniel, Israeli Green Building Committee

When I approached Dr. Tzezana for a lecture in an important conference, I was initially saddened to hear that he's in the United States. He offered an unconventional but intriguing solution: since he can't come, he'll just send a robot in his place.


We were skeptical at first, until we saw that we didn't just get Dr. Tzezana, but also advanced technical support, a preliminary testing in place before the conference, and an escort by a gracious technician.


In the bottom line, I think the lecture was better with a robot than with a human being.


I strongly recommend the experience.

Hadas Shachnai, Projects Manager

The keynote lecture, given by wireless transmission from the United States, was the highlight of the conference I produced.


The lecturer was able to entertain the audience for 45 minutes, even though he himself was never present in Israel at the time!


Even today, three months later, I still hear excited talks about the event from people who were present.